I am trying my hardest to stay up to watch the sun rise this morning.



For the third time in a week now, I am switching back the vampiric 12 hour night schedule that work has me on. This is one of the countless joys that come with working in commercial nuclear services I suppose. Lucky for me, Netflix and monster energy drinks exist, and pushing my body’s limits is made a breeze. And lucky for you, I have stumbled upon this film entitled, “Dear Mr. Watterson“, a documentary on the creator, writer and artist behind the incredible Calvin & Hobbes comic strip (who didn’t love pouring over those panels, right?) and his legacy. This has become the random moment in my life that needed to happen, to inspire myself to write yet another installation in this blog we have all come to know and love.

Last entry I touched on the notion of a “broken compass” and all that jazz. The story of hitting a rough patch here and there, if you will. Without going into detail, I can tell you that even since that last writing, I have been caught in a rough spot of my own. Not everything shows through the instagrammatic photo effects of a Facebook timeline, you know. I have had to step back for a minute to figure out a thing or two and work together with the person I care most about in my life right now, in order to re-confirm to myself and to the world that where I am at is a pretty damn good place to be, and on its way to being incredible.

Admittedly, I sometimes go on these tangents in my head or have ideas that make sense only to me and then I have difficulty conveying them in words. Or it is quite possible that maybe they are just crazy hair-brained ideas (who uses a compass instead of a phone app to navigate anymore anyway?). But this is a privilege that I get to have when I sit down to blog for you every once in a while, and pretend to be a writer. And then sometimes I get to experience my hair-brained ideas unfolding in real life. I get to be out, getting my PADI open water scuba diving certification with the girl from the paragraph above, have a much-needed compass literally be broken, and get to work together to accomplish a goal in real-time. Sometimes it’s the little things like this, little things that I get to pick up on that are my own little secret observations, that help keep everything in balance for me. And now, fast forward to today, (try to keep up) it is all happening. It has been about a year now since I have made a commitment, and I feel amazing about where things are going. The story’s happy ending, which I am most excited for, is Dana’s new and far more local new physical therapy position and our new rental house in Boonsboro, that I pick up the keys to this coming this Thursday. It’s the next big thing. Sorry if I lost you for a minute. This blog is, in the end, for me.


Geocaching Update: I am keeping consistent at least. Slowly but surely I have been growing my stats, encouraging others to get out and cache, logging smileys in two new states while visiting friends Oregon, and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah, GA and showing a new local some of the great trails and parks here in town.

Music of the Week: So there is this musical duo known as Daft Punk. They have been around the block a time or two. I had heard that this album, Random Access Memories, was a big deal and I sort of blew it off. But now I am super trendy and all that. I grabbed a copy on vinyl recently. That’s what trendy people like me do it seems. Anyway, I think if you’ve got a minute, it’s worth a listen.


Seeing as I am only trying to stay up until sunrise, and I am running low on creativity, I will bring this all to a close. I promise that next time I show up on here I will have nothing but awesome news and stories! Be prepared to read long drawn out, over complicated storied and ideas from “bonnaroo round three” and my upcoming Thailand adventures! Fingers crosses that we don’t get in any trouble with the military police over there during the coup going on over there. In the meantime, just sit back and enjoy the sunrise. It’s all uphill from here.


Congrats Sean and Laura on your next chapter!

peas, frogs.




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