Self Titled [Broken Compass]

My Dad is probably one of the most underrated hard-working people in my life. Not to sound like the beginning of a one page kindergarten “About Me” paper, written in all uppercase and some backward letters… but it happens to be true in this case. I am not saying that any other father out there can’t be as hard-working, by no means. I just know him the best and therefore he automatically wins. He has worked as hard as he could, not caring what anyone else thinks of his methods or letting anyone get in his way, and raised the four of us to be self-respecting and amazing young adults. He has shown me more than he knows that everyone, even those you deem heroes in a certain light, must always learn from life and adjust on the fly. At times it has seemed that the world is out to keep him down. He was laid off recently. Again. Buy-outs and re-organization within the company rolled through. Call it faith, or call it just knowing that when a person as strong as my dad has an obstacle to overcome in order to keep a family moving, he gets things done. I feel a little bad about it inside but I honestly didn’t even get worried. He has built himself such a support network of people who love him and who believe in him and with that force behind him, with the power of the mighty mighty Lawo’s, he takes this as another hurdle, another adventure in life.

dana board

This week I would like to pick up where I left off. February is ending. You no longer accidentally write “2013” on your papers. The tide of new years resolution hastily-made promises has waxed and waned. Even the groundhog got himself into a slump and called for a longer winter. But one thing I have learned in my time living out East away from my roots, is that the life doesn’t care about the date you write on that paper. The adventure keeps coming, and it has been on me to make the best of it. Maybe you were single on Valentine’s Day, maybe you feel off track and that the internal life compass is busted, or maybe, completely out of your control, you broke your wrist snowboarding and suddenly feel like the year is shot in the leg. But come on! This is the new and improved “blog that used to be about geocaching, then became a show about nothing, that has since redefined itself as a channel for self-improvement! ” I am not taking no for an answer. If you have time and internet to sit here and read my blog, I have to believe that you have the capability to make the most of what’s around you! So do what I would do. Listen to more music. Log a few geoaches. then do what it takes to get back on track.

I won’t drown you in promising cliche sayings. I have just seen a lot of people overcoming lately and I felt like sharing. I will however hit you with the…


MUSIC OF THE WEEK: This week I got some new special edition green and gold vinyl. The band is Dispatch, and they have done nothing new lately as a band, but if you want to hear some amazing melodies at work and be reminded of how to relax, give it a try. I have no more words on that. Hopefully some happy music helps if happy is what you are looking for. If you just need as much music as you can get maybe you need something more. BLAM! Bonnaroo music lineup was announced in style this past week. Now, more than ever, is the time to radiate positivity!


I have not been geocaching much lately (surprise!!) but I do have a trip planned to Portland, OR, coming up now! Who knows, maybe I will detour to smiley on the world’s original cache! Anything can happen, right? excited none-the-less. On an unrelated note, I am drinkinga two dollar bottle of wine that had a pry off top. I couldn’t find a wine glass crappy enough to hold it, so bottle night it is! Why do I blog again? Happy Hump Day!!

I will keep it short-ish this time around and wrap things up. Feel free to comment below if you have any relevant stories to share. I put up another new comic background this time around to keep the masses happy. In honor of the potential return of an incredible TV series, enjoy some Heroes. And If you are the one who broke your wrist and are feeling down about it, who knows, it’s all part one of the most awesome years of your life! I have a feeling it will all work itself out. Follow the ride.


Peas Frogs,


My dad starts his new job Monday. He used some of his ever-growing networking he’s got built up and is back with a great company and might even have management possibilities again on the horizon.

The compass does work. Follow it.


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