The 4-Hour Blog Post: Looking Forward


I debated calling this one, New Years Resolution. That’s sort of cliché though right? Not that it wouldn’t have been quite appropriate in its own right. I find that the whole concept of the new years resolution is pretty spot on with the definition of cliché, at least the part of the definition involving the “lack of original thought” or something of the sort. It has become, in my opinion, almost as commercial as Christmas or Valentine’s Day anymore. I suppose that isn’t a terrible thing though to want to go from feeling like a college dropout to a having the new workout plan (Kanye?). As annoying as it may be to deal with a month of twice as many sweaty bodies in your hot yoga class, or listening to people tell you they are going to start this trendy new diet “next week”, it’s still a step in a positive direction! Just make sure your focus is not solely immediate self-gratification if you can. This tangent is to present to you why the name of this blog entry changed, as if you would for some reason care about that… now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


I’d like to thank all of those responsible for this blog and especially you, the fans, for bringing us so far on our journey through the world-wide webs. This paragraph marks the kick-off of first entry of a brand new year and more importantly, the blogs official induction into the mile-high club. I am blogging from an US Airways flight from Charlotte to Providence, RI. They are sending me up for another meeting at the nuke plant up there and I opted to make the best of some down time. It seemed like a fun idea and so far so good. I figure if I can type this out now and on the return flight, I could have myself a literal four-hour blog, which turns out to be a most perfect segue into the second paragraph of 2014.


Have you heard of this guy, Tim Ferriss? He’s a fella from New York who went about creating this inspiring “four-hour” mindset, or way of approaching life, complete with three wildly popular #1 best-selling books as the icing on the cake. Now he’s even got his own show airing soon on HLN. I am not really sure what sets him apart from the other motivational talking heads out there, other than that a book, “The Four Hour Body”, was recommended to me by someone I happen to trust and I dug into it a little and liked what I found. This has kind of been the fuel powering this new experimental self-improvement kick I have been on. I admit, I have historically been a bit lazy about changing habits and tracking changes and making positive changes that take different degrees of commitment in my life. So now, due to a recent mix of inspirational findings, that Life Map I tried to spell out for you all and some special people in my life, I’m working on a new approach. No, this is not a new years resolution. I am not going to tell you that starting with the ringing in of the new year, I am diving into a strict new 4-hour diet and, partaking in and rigorously following the P90X program (good golly, that 17 minutes of core work caught me off guard!), becoming an expert downhill mountain biker or vowing to go cold turkey and stop biting my nails or anything like that. I am just making an effort, in light of this experimental mentality and the underlying theme of exploration that I try to follow with these blog entries (sometimes), to begin a constant and evolving learning process about what I do, what I can do and why. I am trying parts of different diets I have heard about to see what sort of meals can come of that. I even made tacos last week using vegetarian ground beef. weird. I am losing a little weight here and there, trying some kind of workouts that I hadn’t given a shot before and hoping to end up with some sort of schedule. I have a promise to myself that I am going to take seriously this biking idea I have talked about for years. I am signing up to get certified to SCUBA dive in Thailand (booked the tickets!!! Hell yeah!!!). In general I am trying learn as much as possible, so that without having to follow this or that persons set of rules, I can make they way I want to live my life a better one and know what’s going on with it.

maybe p90x doesnt get the result i am looking for exactly...

maybe p90x doesn’t get the result i am looking for exactly…

It really seems to be paying off. This 2014 is shaping up to be a pretty swell year. I can’t think of a better way to have kicked it all off than being home in Saint Louis with my favorite family in the whole world, and counting down the ball drop and sneaking a new years kiss with my favorite girl in the world. I attended a holiday brunch with one of the most amazing 97-year-old women I have ever known and only to be a great-great-grandmother I can say I have known. Only thing I can think of that would have made it better was if the cardinals were playing in town and Dave Matthews was there to play songs and throw the first pitch. I can even argue that going out in sub-freezing temperatures to the St. Louis Zoo on a Sunday afternoon only to take a picture of some of us cousins next to a bronze statue of the late Phil the Gorilla was a meaningful experience and sort of initiation process or family acceptance of a new person in my life. Or how about this one, I like to think that riding that weird star trek looking elevator up to the top of the arch, the gateway to the west, with Dana was my little symbolism for new beginnings. It’s something I haven’t even considered doing since I was in probably grade school (Who tours monuments in their own city?). So for one now maybe it is an admission (however hard it is to believe) of having moved away and of having started something new and awesome out here in beautiful Central Virginia. Who knows, maybe I stretch a bit in this blogs, but who are you to step on my freedom to make analogies?

monkey pic

Aren’t we awesome??

MUSIC OF THE WEEK: As a response to my lack of being on the ball and missing my shot to see these guys again live up near DC, I’m giving the music shout out this week to the Avett Brothers. If you are still out of this loop, It’s not to late to give it a shot. I can’t imagine there’s not at least something in their folksy lyrically genius catalog that won’t touch you somehow. Plus who can turn down some knee slappin’ foot stomping Carolina tunes? If I have used this band on the blog before, sorry I don’t really care.


Oh and Miley! I didn’t forget you! 😉 Listening to Lorde is just a phase I swear.

GEOCACHE OF THE WEEK: Here’s another cache that took me a couple of trips and more than a little frustration to log the smiley. Un Carouselle Magnifique! on the Charlottesville mall can now finally stop bugging me. I don’t vouch for this one being especially tricky but any of you in the game can agree that when you are stuck looking at it all wrong and then that light bulb finally goes off and, boom, instant find, you are not going to be quick to forget the experience!

Best Christmas present I got, you ask? Good question. A little nosy of you as well, if I may say. As much as I can’t wait to sport my new Molina jersey at games in DC, Baltimore and Saint Louis (fingers crossed on all three of those) and I am going to say that the frames for my bottle-caps makes me the happiest. Without it even being meant in such a way, it spells out the new me I am trying to work on, nearly word for word. It not only forces me to actually use all those bottle caps I have randomly collected and been lazy about for years now, but it also has me getting my hands dirty learning what it takes to put it together and arranging the caps, all under the knowledge that the end result is something that is unique an extremely “me”.  please feel free to share your own “most favoritest” Christmas present in the comments below!

As this entry comes to a close I must admit that I did not have this one complete ready to publish by the end of that second flight. It was more of an undertaking than I foresaw, typing on my small tablet in those cramped coach seats. Plus who wants to pay the fee for wireless for a two-hour flight to upload one entry? I don’t know how many hours actually did go in to its creation but don’t let that make you miss the point. Maybe you picked up a little something along the way here, or maybe not. Hopefully you had a fun time reading at least. And don’t forget to tune in next time! Until then feel free to radiate some positivity! 122 days till bonnaroo returns to the farm. BLAM!


Peas frogs.


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